• Furkan Group was founded in 1994 and nowadays it is one of the biggest importer and exporter within it’s competitors. The license rights in varied fields and the high-quality production mentality of Furkan Group, appreciated by it’s loyal customers.

    In all domestic regions, Furkan Group has reached over 200 stores and after 2007 Furkan Group started exporting products to Europe and many more. Along with the present license rights, Furkan Group is expanding its network with bringing in more world-famous license rights.

    Since the establishment, Furkan Group never compromised from its quality measures and after 2003, it performs domestic manufacturing on 6500 m2 of open space with 12000 m2 of manufacturing area.

    Child health and safety are always the first priority of Furkan Group and performs imports and manufacturing with anti carcinogen material while following Food Safety, CE and ISO9001 as well.

    In addition to Furkan Group’s international and domestic wholesale network, it also owns chain-stores as KID CENTRUM and online sales according to consumer’s demand in Turkey.

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